Kernel Code Reading Party 117th; 第117回、カーネル読書会 #ylug_117

Tue, 30 Jun 2015 18:30 - 21:00 JST




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Free admission
No food provided. Bring your own food and drinks. You can eat/drink in the room


18:30 Door Open
19:00 Session Start, Opening remarks, by Hiro Yoshioka,
19:05 Lightning Talks/self introduction
19:20 Session: Beyond Openness of the "Death Star"

What do you think Microsoft is like the "Death Star"?
If you think so, it was correct in a sense. Fortunately or unfortunately, Microsoft is transforming and is being more open, especially in the technology area. So, it's time to know the openness of Microsoft.

Speaker, title,
Akira Inoue, Technical evangelist, Microsoft Japan

Speaker Bio:
I have been working for Microsoft Japan as a technical evangelist for 8 years, and provide technical contents and presentation of Visual Studio and Azure.

20:00 networking
Bring your own drinks and food.

Help/volunteers wanted.

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Kernel Code Reading Party (YLUG), カーネル読書会

The Kernel Code Reading Party is an informal technical seminar. The topics include, but not limited are, Linux Kernel, Open Source Software, Community, Cloud Computing, and so on. The session is v...

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